When it comes to TN visa, it’s either you qualify or you don’t qualify for a TN profession under the list of NAFTA. If you qualify, then you submit a properly prepared TN application with supporting evidence and get an approval. If you don’t qualify, you must not submit a TN application. Here are a few tips to guide you in presenting TN application and in crossing the border:

a. Be Honest – You must submit a TN application with documentation that coincides with what you say to the interviewing officer. If your answers and the paperwork are found to have inconsistencies, your TN application is most likely denied.

b. Be Thorough – You must be thorough when reviewing the requirements for the TN profession in which you qualify for, and in preparing the supporting documentation for your application. A TN application not properly prepared and has a missing supporting document can cause your application to be denied.

c. Don’t Rush – Spend enough time for preparing, reviewing and editing every detail of your application and all your supporting documents. It’s important to note that any inconsistency and missing supporting document can lead to denial. Apply at a U.S. port of entry only when your TN application is perfectly ready.

d. Only submit application if you qualify – If you’re sure that you qualify for a certain TN profession listed under NAFTA and if you have an offer letter from a potential employer, then you may apply for a TN visa. You may consider applying for H1B visa or L1 visa instead of TN status if you don’t qualify.

e. Process TN application in advance – While you may submit your TN application at a U.S. port of entry at any time, it’s best to process it in advance of the start date of your employment to avoid potential delays of your flight to the U.S. Processing TN application in advance also gives you time to edit your application and obtain some supporting documents in case your TN application is not approved.

f. Answer Yes or No – Don’t provide a detailed answer if the interviewing officer doesn’t ask for a specific answer. Just answer “Yes” or “No”. The officer who needs specific answer will ask for it. If your TN application is properly prepared, the officer will find the much needed information in your TN application.